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Name:Proverbs verse
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The Breakdown:

This verse is a re-write of the series in which Sam is the older brother and Dean is the younger. Instead of doing straight change up of the original 26 to 22, I chose to keep Sam's age the same and make Dean four years younger. Everything else is as true to canon as I can make it. Sam still goes to Stanford, Dean still comes to get him, etc.

The fics will follow all seasons of SPN with preseries pieces thrown in along the way. Stories will not be posted in order of episode, but in order of completion. So while the Poverbs!pilot might be the first entry, the next one might very well be the Proverbs!Yellow Fever.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Winchesters. Everything within this comm is for entertainment purposes only, with no profit earned or intended.

Membership is closed, but feel free to watch/lurk/whatever as this verse progresses.

Interests (11):

au, black impalas of sexiness, brothers in arms, dean, john, older brother!sam, papa winchester, role-reversal, sam, staying in character, winchesters
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